17. May 2018
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10. May 2018
Tele communication
Telecommunication systems have many key concepts with it. First, the basic system consists of three primary units that are always present in some form. There should be a transmitter, an electronic device which, with the aid of an antenna, produces radio waves. It also takes information and converts it to a signal, or any stream of quantities in time or spatial sequence. A telecommunication system should also have a transmission medium, also called the physical channel that carries the signal....
15. April 2018
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Technology is all around us. A lot of us depend on technology in our daily life's day-to-day activities. One part of the technology industry that is getting better all the time is the telecommunications sector. Telecommunications is improving all the time. For example, broadband is becoming faster, mobile phones are becoming more advanced, etc. Due to this improving technology, many people who wish to keep up with it may now find it rather hard because of the fact that this technology is...
18. March 2018
Reverse phone number lookup
Phone technology has taken an interesting turn. On one hand, we have a caller id function on almost all cell phones and land lines available, so we can almost always see who called us, barring private numbers and such. However, because of the advances in technology, the majority of residential callers are calling from cell phones, numbers that are often not listed. If your caller does not leave a message or the message is garbled, you are left asking yourself, "Whose cell phone number is this?"...
11. March 2018
phone number
A vanity number provides you a specific identity and lends your company a great positive consumer-service oriented image. Several studies have gone to show that vanity numbers increase the response rate of all your advertisements by 30% or even more. In fact, there is a scramble amongst most business enterprises to obtain toll-free vanity numbers - and this is proof enough that vanity numbers are hugely advantageous to business enterprises or else these companies would not be clamoring to get...