Looking For An Ear-worm Phone Number? Check Out PhoneNumberGuy.com

Looking For An Ear-worm Phone Number? Check Out PhoneNumberGuy.com

Here’s something you’d never have thought has a booming market - phone numbers. Not just any phone numbers, but vanity phone numbers that spell out words or are easily remembered. If you’re a small business, conduct a lot of business on your phone, or you’re just a raging narcissist with truckloads of cash to spend, you might want to have your own custom phone number.

Vanity phone numbers are an economic strategy to gaining and retaining more customers, since you’ll be a lot easier to contact. The website PhoneNumberGuy.com is the leading seller of unique, easily-remembered digits. (346) BIT-COIN will run you $2,000, while 872/USA-INJURED would cost you $30,000 to buy.

Perfect For An Upstart Business


With those hefty prices, the average Joe might be better off just buying a custom license plate. But if you have a company and you’re wanting to expand your influence, acquiring an unforgettable phone number from PhoneNumberGuy.com is a way to attract attention that might otherwise have passed you up.

You’re driving home from work, and you turn on the radio. An advertisement comes up, and when you get to the end, it announces a contact phone number. Which number is going to stick in your head the rest of the day: 1-800-492-7388, or 1-855 - COOKIES? Obviously, the number that has “cookies.”

While that number probably isn’t available, PhoneNumberGuy.com has a complete list of all the phone numbers you can choose from, and price tags listed beside. You might get a little dizzy in the head looking at those digits, but rest assured - for a struggling company, it’s a worthwhile investment. According to a 2011 study, compared to just numerical numbers, phone numbers that spell out words or have familiar patterns have a 75 percent improved recall rate.

If you’re still gaggling at the costs, consider this - how much more are you losing in revenue from potential customers who love your ad, but when they reach for the phone, just can’t exactly remember your critical phone number?

Is This Even Legal?


We never thought you’d ask! Yes, buying a phone number from PhoneNumberGuy.com is, according to their website, “perfectly, 100% legal.”

These phone numbers are brand new, not under any contract, and they can be used under any carrier - and if it turns out your carrier doesn’t support the number, that’s the one case PhoneNumberGuy.com promises you can have your money back.

What To Think About Before Ordering From PhoneNumberGuy.com

As mentioned, these prices aren’t set for the average consumer - we talking strictly business. It’s also a tad disappointing and worrisome that this company doesn’t offer any refunds, just due to the nature of this business (unless it turns out your carrier won’t accept your new-bought phone number). The refund will take 30 days, but your carrier should give you a 24 hours’ notice - plenty of time! But if you just don’t like the
number, sorry, you have to live with it!

While cellular phones and VoiP can be used with any phone number, keep in mind that a landline must be associated with the area code it is located in. So before you change your number on a landline, be sure to contact your provider and ask them if the number you want will work in your area.


The Verdict On PhoneNumberGuy.com


If you have an awesome idea for a phone number that would make your company or organization an earworm in everybody’s head, definitely give PhoneNumberGuy.com a check-out. There are few other companies out there that offer this unique kind of service, and while there are the drawbacks of no refunds, as long as your desired phone number is available, this website should be your go-to.

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