Some of The Benefits of Toll Free Vanity Telephone Number

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A vanity number provides you a specific identity and lends your company a great positive consumer-service oriented image. Several studies have gone to show that vanity numbers increase the response rate of all your advertisements by 30% or even more.

In fact, there is a scramble amongst most business enterprises to obtain toll-free vanity numbers - and this is proof enough that vanity numbers are hugely advantageous to business enterprises or else these companies would not be clamoring to get them.

The fact is that by using vanity telephone numbers, they will help you to create brand awareness to your potential customers. By offering their customers free and easy telephone access to their products and services. A toll-free vanity phone number is indeed a powerful marketing tool that will help create a nationwide business presence for you without your making huge investments.

A vanity toll-free telephone number is an excellent way to generate additional sales as the call is free for the customer and the vanity toll-free phone number itself advertises the business. A vanity toll-free number is a specialized type of number made to spell out a specific word - usually the company name, product name, product description or possibly the company's acronym.

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In fact, there is no need for you to install and pay for another separate phone line. The vanity phone number can be set up in such a way that it will ring directly to any existing phone line of your


As a first choice, you must establish yourself with an 800 vanity phone number as that is what existing, and prospective customers are expected to be more familiar with. But the fact remains that obtaining 800 vanity number is no longer easy. As a second choice, you can opt for 888 as this is far more customer-friendly than either 877 or 866.

If you are not fortunate in getting 800 numbers, then you can draw consolation from the fact that 800 numbers receive significantly more wrong calls than other 866 or 877 numbers.

But, if you do not require much advertising or you do not mind keeping a low profile, then a random toll-free number should be in order, and you can settle for the cheapest toll-free number available.

It is advisable to choose alphanumeric numbers as it is believed that people more easily remember words than numbers. As far as possible, avoid spelling out your company name unless your company name is popular and widely known. It is preferable to start using your new vanity number as rampantly as you can and take all possible steps to make it popular.

It must be your endeavor to see that all your customers, over a period, start using your vanity toll-free numbers for asking quotations and product details, ordering your products, seeking customer support and also referring your vanity telephone numbers to their circle of known friends. This will be quite possible as an alphanumeric vanity number can be easily remembered. The great advantage is toll-free numbers are permanent and are therefore not affected by new area codes or even if you move to a new location.

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