What we are

About telenumber

Standard Telenumber is a subsidiary of Brookside Technology Holdings Corp., and they are very particular about customer relationship and shoulder the entire responsibility of performing the job. They provide and execute the telecommunication system effectively on any business organization. This provides the Telefficiency of the business house thereby increasing the productivity and facilitating communication.

This organization incepted on 1979 by high level of professionals who foresaw the deficiency in marketing promotions. They have provided superior service and efficient customer service. It is their supremacy and until date, they are undisputable. They are presently catering to people and organizations in Orange County, Sacramento, San Francisco, Los Angeles and many others. This affiliate is a subsidiary of Brookside Technology Holdings Corp. and employs many hardcore professionals. They have more adequate professional to meet the demand of complaints and service to equipments installed. They are conversant with the system and provide adequate solutions to the people and organizations.

They are skilled and professional telecommunication people who serve with dedication and expertise. Their prime intention is customer satisfaction and commitment to the work. The guarantees and warranties genuinely considered with their customer service portfolio. Mitel in North America has recognized them as diamond level dealer. The sales and technical support they provide is at par with no one. Their service is available in California and runs throughout USA. With the assistance of Brookside technology, they do not believe in providing phone systems only. They implement the best available technology and affiliated services to render the total satisfaction with less initiative.

This culminates on profit to the company and enhances the employee efficiency for better productivity. They understand the goal and objectives of the organization through assessment and the impact that will be conducive to the organization. The customer care and its support to the technology is taken care of keeping in view the costing, economy and efficiency. They provide the superior technology on communications with reasonable warranty and guarantee along with perfect customer support on services.

They do not have the traditional form of leasing or other vague options that binds a company with them. Their intention relies on replacement of old technology with the recent developed technology. However, on urgent basis they reach the site in couple of hours to negotiate and solve the problem. They provide discount unless they reach in the stipulated time. Moreover, they provide guarantee for the equipments they provide and replace with the initial cost without any increase in the price.